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The place where I am is
Meeting Room

No more offline seminar,

Two-way Richmedia EDU Platform
Edu Room

From meeting to Education


  • Could Video Conferencing wherever you are
    easily with any device

    Meeting Room

  • Offline seminar turned into
    Cloud-based Online seminar


  • Offline training turned into
    Online- two-way richmedia
    for quizzes, group discussion

    Edu Room

  • Link to work system mass-sending
    Corporate Messenger

    Chat Room

Easy Peasy Directions


  1. 1 1


    Just type in the URL to participate.

    NO! No need to memorize. NO!

    Start a video conference right after typing in the URL on Chrome browser.

    웹페이지 url (미팅룸명칭) 입력 웹페이지 url (미팅룸명칭) 입력
  2. 2 2

    Create a room

    Create a room and Share it with your colleagues.

    Create a meeting room and gather your colleagues in various ways.

    누르면 비로소 미팅이 보인다. 누르면 비로소 미팅이 보인다.
  3. 3 3

    Start the meeting

    Allow an app to access your camera, microphone.

    If it is your first time, you will see the message box asking for a permission for camera, microphone.

    You should allow it to start the meeting.

    https://collabox.work에서 다음작업을 수행하려고 합니다. -> 카메라와 마이크사용 -> 허용클릭 https://collabox.work에서 다음작업을 수행하려고 합니다. -> 카메라와 마이크사용 -> 허용클릭
  • You don’t have to know how to install!

    No Installation,

    High-definition video conference by a web browser

    • High-definition video conference by a web browser using HTML5 and WebRTC, a video conference on a web browser is available without any installation.
    • Full HD high-definition makes you feel as if you were talking to the person in person.
      If your Internet is stable and your device is good, you can have a FullHD(1080p) conference.
  • You don’t have enough time?

    So Simple,

    10 secs & 1 click.
    Easy, fast but stable video conference

    • Anyone can create a meeting in 10 secs, and anyone can join the meeting with clicking the URL just once.
    • We support a 1:N video conference and a seminar for up to 1,000 people as well as a group training.
    • To maintain the meeting stable in various Internet environments, Gooroomee carries out its patented flow control function in the low bandwidth network.
    • All the data exchanged on the Internet are encrypted by TLS, DTLS, ARIA, AES to ensure the safe data distribution.
  • For the powerful cooperative video service!

    Optional service to raise the quality

    Five Brothers

    • Sharing Documents

      You can give a presentation with documents and images in your PC.

    • Two-way Writing on the boards

      Writing on the shared documents is available in real time.

    • Screen Sharing

      You can share your screen with the participants and explain.

    • Text Chat

      Without interrupting a speaker, you can share opinion. Using HTML 5 technology, chatting on a Chrome browser without installation.

    • Recording

      You can simply record the important part of the meeting and play it the cloud.

No need to hesitate

The Cheapest Price

1+1+1 in this price!

화상서비스 + 온라인세미나 + 집합교육 화상서비스 + 온라인세미나 + 집합교육


(per one ID)

  • Charging Plan : Prepayment / Monthly
Additional Options
  • Recording : Needed it to be discussed if you want to save in the server
  • Maximum number of participants : The number of purchased IDs
  • The number of simultaneous meetings : The number of purchased IDs
  • Maximum length meetings : 2 hours / 1 meeting adjustable (adjustable)

Whenever, Whatever


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